Published: Dec 1, 2017

The description of marital satisfaction of women of Arab descent who performed interethnic marriage

Syarifah Ragoan, Vinaya Untoro, Diana Rita Ari 107-121
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The correlation among attachment to mother, father, and peers with the tendency of children to become perpetrators and victims of bullying

Fasli Arif, Sri Wahyuni 122-140
Abstract : 593 Views
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Enhancing self-esteem in young adults who experience dating violence by Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Pradipta Christy Pratiwi 141-159
Abstract : 197 Views
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The effectiveness of cooperative learning to improve social skills of kindergarten students

Dian Rachmawati Wasito, Herdina Indrijati 160-174
Abstract : 320 Views
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Self-efficacy and sleep quality of adolescents who experience dysmenorrhea

Chafira De Nada, Endang Fourianalistyawati 175-187
Abstract : 131 Views
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The correlation between relational aggression and self-esteem of students in the University X

Erika Harianto, David Matahari, Jessica Ariela 188-202
Abstract : 141 Views
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The role of music and personality on the quality of life: Case studies of three post-stroke patients in Jakarta

Irene Luvita, Lidia L. Hidajat 203-224
Abstract : 138 Views
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