Published: Dec 1, 2015

The trap in choosing a life partner

Yonathan Aditya Goei 412-419
Abstract : 85 Views
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The impact of dyadic coping to marriage satisfaction of married couples in Tangerang

Soesanto Dermawan, Yonathan Aditya Goei, Kartika Chandra Kirana 420-433
Abstract : 139 Views
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The contribution of social support to parenting style of economically disadvantaged children in the middle childhood category

Evelyn Evelyn, Luh Surini Yulia Savitri 434-449
Abstract : 129 Views
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The impact of music and short term memory performance among children aged 7-11 years old

Ayu Pramita Sari, Aully Grashinta 450-460
Abstract : 574 Views
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The adolescents needs to post photos and videos in Instagram

Setiasih Setiasih, Florencia Inne Puspitasari 461-472
Abstract : 432 Views
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Measuring gratitude: The preliminary development of the Indonesian Gratitude Scale

Ratih Arruum Listiyandini, Andhita Nathania, Dessy Syahniar, Lidwina Sonia, Rima Nadya 473-496
Abstract : 689 Views
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The relationship between OCEAN personality type and brand trust among low cost carrier consumers

Octavianty Octavianty, Devi Jatmika 497-512
Abstract : 71 Views
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