Published: Dec 1, 2019

The relationship between academic self-concept, academic self-efficacy and flow among students in the "X" University

Teguh Lesmana 117-134
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Meaning of life as a mediator of the relationship between GRIT and life satisfaction among university students

Krisna Wardhana Djaling, Debora Eflina Purba 135-149
Abstract : 496 Views
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The contribution of religiosity and peer conformity to prosocial behavior of university students who belong to a religious community

Chiquitita Agnita, Selviana Selviana 150-161
Abstract : 252 Views
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Validity and reliability analysis of the Support of Faith Scale

Christiany Suwartono, Junianawaty Suhendra, Sylvia Soeherman, Aileen P. Mamahit 162-174
Abstract : 157 Views
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Social support for economically disadvantaged women through micro financial program: A case study in Koperasi Mitra Dhuafa Cikalongkulon

William Cahyawan, Sari Viciawati Machdum 175-201
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The meaning making process of parents who lost their children due to political violene: A phenomenological Study

Stefany Valentia, Winarini Wilman D. Mansoer 202-226
Abstract : 193 Views
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The work-life balance of blue-collar workers: The role of employee engagement and burnout

Laila Meiliyandrie Indah Wardani, Rahmat Firmansyah 227-241
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