Published: Dec 1, 2018

Cultural intelligence and sociocultural adaptability among Indonesian students who study aboard

Anshari Al Ghaniyy, Sari Zakiah Akmal 123-137
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The role of conscientiousness personality trait and school climate towards bullying

Sri W. Rahmawati 138-156
Abstract : 143 Views
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The contribution of perceived parental negative communication to juvenile delinquency among adolescents in the "X" High School in Jakarta

Cyntia Verina Christian, Devy Jatmika 157-168
Abstract : 464 Views
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The correlation between trust and dating violence among young adults women in Jakarta

Sheila Grace, Pradipta Christy Pratiwi, Grace Indrawati 169-186
Abstract : 528 Views
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On solving the street children problems: The qualitative application of Protection Motivation Theory

William Cahyawan, Wahyu Cahyo Nugroho 187-211
Abstract : 137 Views
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The use of information and communication technology and the family functioning of male and female adolescents

Setiasih Sigit 212-225
Abstract : 149 Views
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The role of frustration to the relationship between authoritarian parenting style and aggressiveness: The moderation model

Fahrul Rozi, Subhan El Hafiz 226-241
Abstract : 146 Views
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