Published: Jun 1, 2015

The difference of prejudice levels between students who involve in religious communities and who do not

Pirda Anissa, Fransisca Sidabutar 323-334
Abstract : 127 Views
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The virtue values: Kindness, loyalty, and piety in the Melayu cultural context

Dede Fitriana Anatassia, Mira Noor Milla, Subhan El Hafiz 335-347
Abstract : 152 Views
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The influence of religiosity towards gratitude among adolescent residents of Christian-based orphanage

Winny Agata, Fransisca Sidabutar 348-363
Abstract : 149 Views
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The cultural identity of Batak Toba university students in Medan

Meutia Nauly, Vivi Fransisca 364-380
Abstract : 284 Views
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The impact of personality trait, locus of control, and autonomy motivation of adolescents in choosing university

Hanrezi Dhania Hasnin 381-395
Abstract : 356 Views
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The relationship between problematic online game use and adolescents parenting style

Juandika Tri Sulistyo, Evanytha Evanytha, Vinaya Vinaya 396-406
Abstract : 174 Views
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The relationship between work-family enrichment and work engagement among women nurses

C. M. Indah Soca R. Kuntari 407-417
Abstract : 322 Views
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