Published: Jun 1, 2020

The behavior that leads to obesity among young adult women in Jakarta

Teddy Kurniawan Kawi, Margaretha Purwanti, Wieka Dyah Pertasari 1-23
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Psychosocial responses and psychological well-being of filariasis patients in Ambon city

Melany S. Reasoa, Yulius Y. Ranimpi, R. Rr. Maria D. Kurniasari, Fiane de Fretes 24-37
Abstract : 299 Views
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Exploring the self compassion of nurses of emergency department in Jakarta

Puspa Triani Adinda, Christ Billy Aryanto, Laurensia Harini Tunjungsari 38-56
Abstract : 115 Views
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The power of positivity: The roles of prosocial behavior and social support toward gratitude

Taufik Akbar Rizqi Yunanto 57-68
Abstract : 180 Views
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The dynamic of husband support in mitigating anxiety of postpartum women at Rumah Bulat

Mernon Yerlinda Carlista Mage, Susana Prapunoto, A. Ign. Kristijanto 69-86
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Parental support, self efficacy in career decision making, and planned happenstance of middle school students

Dara Suci Amini, Rose Mini Agoes Salim 87-98
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The influence of religiosity to marriage satisfaction among parents of children with Down syndrome

Christella Ruslan, Jessica Ariela, Sandra Handayani Sutanto 99-110
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