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Vol. 8 No. 2 (2021)

Published: Dec 1, 2021

Neutrality in religiosity studies in Indonesia

Subhan El Hafiz 148-152
Abstract : 53 Views
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"Why God took my parents?" Grieving experience and meaning making process of a child who lost both parents consecutively

Roselli Kezia Ausie, Winarini Wilman D. Mansoer 153-173
Abstract : 269 Views
Download PDF : 388 Times

The psychological dynamic of a Pulung Gantung suicide survivor in Gunung Kidul

Sulistyo Budiarto, Ryan Sugiarto, Flora Grace Putrianti 174-194
Abstract : 364 Views
Download PDF : 504 Times

Subjective well-being of adult daughter caregivers of a parent with dementia

Arina Shabrina, Eka Riyanti Purboningsih, Tiara Ratih Widiastuti 195-226
Abstract : 187 Views
Download PDF : 229 Times

The impact of perceived career opportunity to employees turnover intention mediated by organizational commitment

Vincent Leonardi, Hana Rochani Gustasari Panggabean 227-246
Abstract : 118 Views
Download PDF : 150 Times

Distance learning during COVID-19 pandemic: Role of digital literacy and task value towards self-regulated learning in college students

Husnul Muasyaroh, Lucia R.M. Royanto 247-265
Abstract : 510 Views
Download PDF : 638 Times

Exploration of the negative and positive impact of body shaming experience through autoethnography approach

Annisa Dwi Astuti, Winarini Wilman D. Mansoer 266-289
Abstract : 497 Views
Download PDF : 597 Times

Growth mindset, instructors scaffolding, and self-regulated learning in distance learning during COVID-19 pandemic

Yudith Bernadette Ayu Putri, Lucia R.M. Royanto 290-304
Abstract : 336 Views
Download PDF : 357 Times

The role of motivation as mediator between online learning readiness and undergraduate students' perceived learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ninette Putri Mustika, Lucia R. M. Royanto 305-329
Abstract : 373 Views
Download PDF : 286 Times

The influence of religious orientation on maladaptive perfectionism among perfectionist college students

Loveilia Geovani, Yonathan Aditya 330-342
Abstract : 335 Views
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