Published: Jun 1, 2016

The correlation between believing and belonging as the dimensions of religiosity and five dimensions of well-being in college students in Tangerang

Andy Saputra, Yonathan Aditya Goei, Sri Lanawati 7-17
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The correlation between emotional intelligence and burnout tendencies in marketing department employees

Madeline S. Widjaja, Kartika S. Sitorus, Karel K. Himawan 18-33
Abstract : 265 Views
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Trust in a long distance marriage couples

Saira Lastiar Naibaho, Stefani Virlia 34-52
Abstract : 159 Views
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Description of prosocial behavior in young children with intellectual disability in East Nusa Tenggara

Beatriks Novianti Kiling-Bunga, Kresensia Wea Aga Ngawas, Indra Yohanes Kiling 53-64
Abstract : 153 Views
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Communication skills in young children with emotional disorder in Kupang

Beatriks Novianti Kiling-Bunga, Oktovianus Halla, Indra Yohanes Kiling 65-76
Abstract : 130 Views
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High job satisfaction on individuals in high mental workload: Correlation study in "X" hotel

Ellen Violetta Nainggolan, Listiyani Dewi Hartika 77-90
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