Published: Dec 1, 2021

Self-compassion of terrorist prisoners undergoing deradicalization program

Achmad Mauluddin Alfithon, Muhammad Syafiq
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Innovative employees in dealing with COVID-19: What are the roles of flexible work arrangements, workloads, and work engagement?

Pricilla Mourine Ham, Arum Etikariena
Abstract : 214 Views
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The role of motivation as mediator between online learning readiness and undergraduate students' perceived learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ninette Putri Mustika, Lucia R. M. Royanto
Abstract : 280 Views
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The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral group therapy for academic anxiety problems of student migrants

Sonny Tirta Luzanil, Adhityawarman Menaldi
Abstract : 110 Views
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Health self-regulation and self-compassion as predictors of COVID-19 preventive behavior among Indonesian sample

Dicky Sugianto, Jessica Amelia Anna, Sandra Handayani Sutanto
Abstract : 60 Views
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Predicting the life satisfaction of Indonesian Christian employees: Examining the role of religiosity, perceived organizational support, and meaningful work

Yusak Novanto, Seger Handoyo, Jenny Lukito Setiawan
Abstract : 100 Views
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Online learning readiness and well being in Indonesian college students during pandemic: Academic stress as a moderator

Sari Zakiah Akmal, Dewi Kumalasari
Abstract : 748 Views
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The influence of religious orientation on maladaptive perfectionism among perfectionist college students

Loveilia Geovani, Yonathan Aditya
Abstract : 299 Views
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Phenomenological study of women who recovered from abusive dating relationship

Cynthianissa Amanda, Winarini Wilman Mansoer
Abstract : 101 Views
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The role of gratitude and positive reframing on student activists' level of sense of coherence

Chrysan Gomargana, Yonathan Aditya
Abstract : 97 Views
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"Why God took my parents?" Grieving experience and meaning making process of a child who lost both parents consecutively

Roselli Kezia Ausie, Winarini Wilman D. Mansoer
Abstract : 216 Views
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The psychological dynamic of a Pulung Gantung suicide survivor in Gunung Kidul

Sulistyo Budiarto, Ryan Sugiarto, Flora Grace Putrianti
Abstract : 286 Views
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Subjective well-being of adult daughter caregivers of a parent with dementia

Arina Shabrina, Eka Riyanti Purboningsih, Tiara Ratih Widiastuti
Abstract : 151 Views
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The impact of perceived career opportunity to employees turnover intention mediated by organizational commitment

Vincent Leonardi, Hana Rochani Gustasari Panggabean
Abstract : 80 Views
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Distance learning during COVID-19 pandemic: Role of digital literacy and task value towards self-regulated learning in college students

Husnul Muasyaroh, Lucia R.M. Royanto
Abstract : 418 Views
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Exploration of the negative and positive impact of body shaming experience through autoethnography approach

Annisa Dwi Astuti, Winarini Wilman D. Mansoer
Abstract : 348 Views
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Growth Mindset, instructors scaffolding, and self-regulated learning in distance learning during COVID-19 pandemic

Yudith Bernadette Ayu Putri, Lucia R.M. Royanto
Abstract : 255 Views
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