The development of Human Capital Skills on Youth Church Community in Jakarta


  • Maria Selviana Universitas Persada Indonesia YAI, Indonesia


Every person has certain abilities to reach maximum potential in their life. The individual abilities that are being researched in the present are human capital skills which are the process of liberating human beings, where human beings have the opportunity to optimally self actualize that made specifically as a measurement tool for church youth. The research respondents were 200 people consisting of 120 men (46%) and 130 women (54%). Based on the results of psychometric tests conducted through internal consistency and construct validity tests, the scale of human capital skills has good validity and reliability. This scale can measure one and the same construct consistently and validly to measure the construct of human capital skills through three aspects, namely self management skills, self motivation skills and self-technical skills. With the results of a fairly good psychometric test, this scale of human capital skills for youth churches can be used to measure human capital skills



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Selviana, M. (2021). The development of Human Capital Skills on Youth Church Community in Jakarta. Indonesian Journal for The Psychology of Religion, 1(2), 69–78.



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